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Here’s what I know about you

  • You are super passionate about your business, but you feel that the fancy business terms like “brand strategy”, “SEO” and “lead magnets” are way out of your league.
  • Every time you hand out business cards to potential clients, you add “My website is still half done so don’t look at it yet please”. Then you go home and stay up long with a giant almond latte until your favorite Voluspa candle burns down completely and still can’t figure out this whole WordPress mystery… Maybe you’re OK without a website? No, the answer is no…
  • You redo and redo your logo a zillion times and you still think it looks like something that were designed in AutoCAD in 1999 (I know how frustrating it is, I’ve been there).
  • You are eager to learn and improve your business but find it hard to know what to focus on. You’re tired of jumping from priority to priority (your business, your family and not to mention your 9-5 job) without any major achievements. With heaps of post-its everywhere, shopping lists, bills and laundry waiting for you, the journey you wanted to be uplifting feels more like a never ending version of a Cirque du Soleil’s juggler show.

But No Worries! You are at the right place

My goal is to help you in 3 main areas: Branding, WordPress and Productivity.
Regardless of your budget or prior education, I can show you easy to implement techniques that will elevate your business to the next level without losing your passion and sanity
– because building your business shouldn’t feel daunting, am I right?


  • I teach you how to tell your story and infuse it into your business so that you attract the right customers and turn them into hardcore fans.
  • I show you what to look out for when you (or the designer you hire) create your visual identity. By the way, I’ll be more than excited if you choose me to work on your logo.
  • No budget for a designer: it’s ok. We all have to start somewhere and guess what! Even if you have only a couple of bucks to spend on your business, you can create something extraordinary. I share resources and tutorials to guide you from zero to a kick-ass looking brand.


  • WordPress is the best web engine that allows you to make something basic and then grow it into a money-making e-commerce superpower. But you have to lay the proper foundation first. I teach you how to do this in easy-to-follow tutorials.
    Attention: there won’t be any coding hocus-pocus here. So if you freak out by the sight of square brackets, you are more than welcome.
  • I show you how to create a safe, practical, lead generating website that feels like your beautiful online home.
  • Need more help? I’m ready to jump in and create your website from zero.


  • Today, everyone wants to achieve more in less time. In your job, you have hour-long meetings on tweaking productivity. You create elaborate logistic plans to pick up kids, grocery and the dry cleaning on the shortest commute possible. Even your meal plans are decided on cook and prep time. But dear friend, you aren’t a robot nor Hermione Granger with her magic Time-Turner. So instead of bragging about how to do more in less time, I focus on the real roots of productivity: living a healthy and balanced life.
  • I share my own challenges, tips and favourite tools to help you focus, unwind, organize and plan.

And some Extra, you’ll get here

Design Trends

  • Design is more than just making things look nice. It’s a philosophy, it’s about constantly focusing on solutions. Design-lead companies all around the globe (like Apple, Tesla, Ikea) get ahead of others thanks to this philosophy.

Social Media Tips

  • Oh, Social Media! A treasure chest for the Brave and Patient… and sometimes just plain nerve wracking. Come and join me so we discover the world of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest together, and look for people we can truly connect with, not just for their empty likes but for valuable, life-long relations.
  • I talk about genuine content, scheduling tools and discovering your audience through social media.

Inspiriting Stories

  • There’s a story behind every business that makes it more human and unique. Let’s discover other fempreneurs from around the world, learn from their success and challenges and cheer for each other.
  • I also share my own stories from my own journey to a sustainable business. Some quirky Mompreneur Moments comics will definitely bring smile on your face in these posts.