The top 6 tools I always take with me for my creative journeys

By November 20, 2015January 4th, 2016Freebies

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No matter if it’s a short trip to my favourite park or a long journey to the opposite side of the world, I always take these 6 things with me. They instantly create a cozy, familiar place where I can experiment with ease and excitement.


1. Travel Mug from David’s Tea

David’s Tea is one of my favourite Canadian stores. As soon as you step into one of their bright and colourful shops, you find at least 5 cute things you want to own immediately.

Their travel mugs are the best! It’s totally leak proof. You can through it in your bag and nothing will be covered in chai. And the tea stays warm for hours. Seriously, for hours! I usually make tea before breakfast and every time I had some  leftover in the travel mug when I arrived home late afternoon, it was still warm and tasty. The mug has built-in infuser for those who want to steep on-the-go.

I’m currently in love with this beauty. They last long so you’ll be fine with one for years… but their design is so tempting that you’ll definitely become a collector.

2. iPhone 6

My most used tool is my phone. I think I use it more than my Mac.

I read my Kindle books, listen to music and podcasts, learn in the Skillshare app, check the weather, the map, the schedule of my bus. I organize my tasks in Trello, my projects in Asana, my notes in Evernote and OneNote, reach my files in Dropbox or OneDrive. I call my family on FaceTime or Skype. I take photos, edit them, share them. I make videos of my son and share it in iCloud and Daily Kiddo with my parents and my grandparents…

I never thought that a phone will be so useful, but now I’m sure that this was my best investment ever.

(Side note: I’ve never used any Android or Windows phone. I’m sure they are as good as an iPhone or even better in some features, but I’m so familiar with the iOS user interface and so satisfied with the performance and reliability that I wouldn’t change to an other brand)

3. Washi Tapes / Or any other cute craft tools

I love to take something cute and creative with me. My latest obsession is washi tapes. There are countless ways to use them and they are also great photo props. This inexpensive set was sold in IKEA as part of their 2015 Christmas gift wrapping accessories.

4. A5 Size Planner

I use my planner to keep organized my business building resources. This time it’s April Bowles-Olin’s workbook from the Double your followers with Creative Marketing course. Whenever I have 30 minutes, I take the actual chapter of the workbook and start brainstorming about my business. I also added a hand made folder to this planner and decorated it with washi tapes (as I said it’s good for everything). I bought this planner at Staples from the Martha Stuart Home Office collection.

5. Pigma Micron pens

I have so many of these pens that I leave them everywhere – for my uber tidy husband’s disappointment. I usually start my sketches with a mechanical pencil that has non-photo blue leads . Then I ink the sketch with these pens. This way my scanner won’t detect the sketch lines, only the final inked lines and I don’t need to use an eraser so much.

6. Leuchtturm or Moleskin Notebooks

I love these notebooks. For a long time I had a big problem with expensive, high quality notebooks: I was afraid to ruin their pages with my drawings. But I made a decision, I will practice and I will fill all the pages. Sometimes I take notes, other times I draw comics or use my notebooks for journaling. The most important is that I use them, and I don’t start to panic if I make a mistake.

You could buy cheaper notebooks of course but these brands are really exceptional with quality. I love all the small details, the smell of the leather cover, the smooth paper. I used to only buy from Moleskine. But one day, I couldn’t buy the size of notebook that I wanted, so I tried Leuchtturm. I really love that the pages are numbered so I can make my own table of content, and the separate ruled sheet is a great help for writing.


Now it’s your turn. What are the creative tools that you always take with yourself?