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The Fempreneur Branding Package

You're ready to wow your dream client with a professionally designed, beautiful & authentic brand.
One that shows who you really are and what your business stands for.

You're done with DIY-ing and patch-working together a brand that you can be proud of. Your time is more valuable than spending it in complicated design tools and with the hunt for the "Perfect Font".

It's time to focus on what you're really good in: offering your stellar services and products. It's time to let someone else take care of your logo, social media graphics and business card.

Let me do this for you.
Let me create you a brand that makes you proud and joyful whenever you share it with your clients.

My brand design Process

Let's chat

I like starting my projects by meeting you first and have a chat on Skype / Facetime. During this 30-60 minute call you'll share your business goals, vision and value with me.

This meeting will help us see if we are a good match and will provide me with important insight on your business that I can use during the entire project.

make it official

Next up we sign a contract and agree upon the important milestones of the project. I reserve your spot in my design calendar as soon as you paid your 25% retainer.

I also provide you with  the dates when you can expect design questionnaires and new design concepts landing in your inbox, so you'll always know about the next steps.

dive deep

Before I get to the drawing table, I send you a branding questionnaire and we go through  it together in order to discover the essence of your brand.

This is the most important phase of our projects. Clients often learn new things about their brand and business intentions, so be ready for some serious "aha" moments.

meaningful design

In the design phase I focus on creating a meaningful visual identity for your brand. I pick the colors, fonts and graphic style that communicates your message in the most honest and authentic way.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to look into my development process during regular calls.

long term strategies

I give you extra graphic elements (templates, illustrations, patterns and textures) and curate relevant stock photos for you.

I summarize all the design assets in a helpful guide that makes it possible for you to stay consistent on the long run. 

Wrap up & celebrate

Finally, I wrap up the project by packaging each design file in the most useful file formats based on your needs. 

Here's the end of our project and it's time to celebrate your new, future-proof brand & visual identity.

What you'll get

  • Professionally designed logo
  • Alternate logo marks
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Brand Typography System
  • Supporting graphic elements
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Business card design
  • Set of 200 high quality business cards from
  • Social media templates
  • Blog post/vlog/podcast cover image templates

Working together with Andrea I found a great experience. She didn’t only create a very stylish and fresh look for my project but also gave me lots of ideas. She’s very creative, experienced, organized and it was real fun working with her.

Bianka Molnar-Varga

Founder of BBTV

What you'll invest

The Fempreneur Branding Package - including logo, alternate mark design, social media templates and business card design - starts at $2500 USD.

Over the past 10 years, I developed a signature design style, that made it possible for my clients to charge more for their services and make new professional connections with confidence.  In addition, they could find their ideal customers thanks to the visual identity that honestly communicated their purpose and values.

I believe that when you invest in your brand and visual identity, you must see lasting results. This is why I think, beauty in itself isn't enough. Functionality, meaning and authenticity make a timeless visual identity - one that well worth the initial investment. In this package I deliver you these result.

I'm currently booking for 2019 Q4 with a handful of start dates still available.

Andrea is the Goddess of brand design.​
I work with her on several occasions and always left satisfied with logos and business cards​
that I could proudly share with my clients.

Justine Blouin

Founder of Jus Vie &  InnerJ

Past Projects


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