Overcome your fear of the blank page by setting smart goals – free worksheets

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It’s been a while since I last posted on the blog. Christmas time is always busy, not to mention that after 3 long years I could celebrate it with my family in Hungary. My son also turned 1 year old. Now he’s a real toddler, walking up and down in the living room with his best friend, a red Vileda mop. He’s holding it even at lunchtime while he’s in the highchair. And last but not least, I spent a lot of time with planning and setting goals.

Opportunities vs Fears

The end of December is a magical time for many people around the world. And then comes the new year, the magic is left behind and we need to face reality: our new resolution to lose weight seems too hard to follow, we don’t know where our business is heading or it’s simply too grey and foggy outside to get out of bed. So there are many reasons to hate January and I completely understand those who do so.

I always considered the new year as the first blank page in a freshly bought Moleskin notebook. Part of me is super excited to fill the page with drawings, hand letterings, thoughts and pressed flowers… but there’s that evil voice too. The one that says: if you make a mistake on this page, you’ll ruin the whole notebook! Stupid, perfectionist idea, I know. But still, I felt that there’s some truth in it.

So I had this dilemma: I was craving the new opportunities but I was afraid of making mistakes or taking the wrong path. I realized, that I have this fear because I don’t plan things thoroughly and there are to many question marks in the projects I’m working on. It’s much easier to accept the different outcomes (let it be positive or negative) if you plan ahead and expect them. Suddenly they are not frightening unknown monsters, just obstacles that might slow you down and teach you something new.

[bctt tweet=”So planning really helps to accomplish your resolutions, grow your business and live a balanced life.”]
Where to start planning?

Well, I’ve already shared YearCompass’s helpful year planning booklet. Filling that workbook will definitely set your mood for the next step: making SMART goals.

I bet you’ve already heard about SMART goals and you know what this acronym stands for. But just to refresh those Christmas cookie and gingerbread buried memories, I created these SMART Goal Setting Worksheets. Simply print one set of worksheets for one of your goals, answer the questions, summarize your thoughts and you’ll have a goal that will really motivate you.


One of my goals for 2016

I set a few goals for this year and one of them is blog related.

I want to take blogging and my website seriously. Unfortunately I wasn’t consistent enough with it and consistency is key when it comes to my online presence. I posted one inspirational printable artwork per week last year. I enjoyed this process and learnt a lot but I ran out of time so I couldn’t work on other things: other articles, sharing my branding knowledge with you or simply update my about page and make a separate contact page.

So this year, I’ll continue sharing printables but on a different schedule. You’ll get 1 high quality and useful printable from me at the beginning of each months. Not just inspiration quotes, other things too: recipe cards, postcards, bookmarks, worksheets. Newsletter subscribers will always get an extended version of the packages I’m going to share.

The other change is that these printables stay free and won’t get into my Etsy shop after a week as it was last year.

So just to summarize it, here’s my blogging goal for 2016:

In 2016 I’m going to share 1 free printable artwork package per month with my readers that’s really useful for them and brings in new readers and followers. I create an additional extra item for newsletter subscriber. I use the rest of my blogging time to share my expertise in brand design, share mompreneur stories, resources, trends and things that inspire me. I’m going to post once a week.