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Hi there! I'm Andi.

CEO & Lead Designer at Andimaginary Creative Co.

Ever since I could grab a pencil, I loved drawing. This was a family thing. My great grandfather was an artist and our home was filled with his oil paintings and illustrations. My dad and uncle also drew beautifully and my mom is a talented seamstress. So we can say that creativity was in my veins. 

But choosing the path to open my own graphic design business wasn't always obvious to me. I studied engineering & product design and dipped my toes into the big corporate world at Walt Disney. I was in kind of a comfort zone, but something was missing...

In 2012, I moved to Canada from my tiny country (Hungary) with my husband, and this was the best decision we could make. With a constant crave for learning more about north American culture, I found online mentors like Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield.

They inspired me to leave my corporate job so that I can create my own products and establish a closer, more honest and unique relationship with you, my dear reader and client. 

Today, I live in Aurora - a cute, little town north from Toronto - with my biggest cheerleader & husband, Greg, and my Lego-fanatic son, Chris.

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