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Mirage Gold Collection

For Sterno Home

Mirage Gold Collection

During my work for Sterno Home, I had the opportunity to design the packaging for many of their LED candles. From these, my absolute favorite project was creating the new Mirage packaging.
The Mirage Gold Collection is the most high-end LED candle product-line that Sterno Home offers and they were sold world-wide through Costco.

|  Adobe Illustrator  |  Adobe Photoshop  |  Branding  |  Packaging Design  |  Pre-Production work  |

About the Design:

I added a random dotted pattern that gradually fades into the rest of the packaging. This pattern got a gold foil finish so the end result looks like the matt coated black packaging got a luxurious bath of gold sparkles.
The project also included photo shooting and retouching tasks. I worked closely with the photographer to set up inviting, real-home  interiors that showcased the candles their full glow.

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