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Lilkoi Illustration & Packaging

for skintillate

Lilkoi Illustration & Packaging

For skintillate
My former client, Sekoiya (now Skintillate) asked me to create an illustration and package design for their socially and environmentally cautious sub brand, Lilkoi. They wanted to have 4 endangered animal characters to represent the strength and effectiveness of their skincare products.

|  Adobe Illustrator  |  Adobe Photoshop  |  Digital  Illustration  | Digital Painting

polar bear
About the process:

I started by hand drawn sketches  and then used Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet and Kyle T. Webster's beautiful digital brush pack to create the animal characters. I pulled inspiration from Skintillate's Brand Book for color options. I also referenced photos taken of arctic lights and skies.

The die lines, English and French copy were provided by Skintillate. I used these and the final illustration to create the layout for the package design.