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Animated GIF stickers

For Fox Bear & Me

Animated GIF stickers

For Fox Bear & Me
A talented illustrator, Carla Montiel from Fox Bear & Me contracted me to turn her adorable illustrations into animated GIF stickers that she can use on her social media posts - especially on her Instagram Stories.

|  Adobe After Effects  |  Adobe Photoshop  |  Motion Graphics  |  Illustration  |

About the process:

First, I imported Carla's hand drawn illustrations into Photoshop where I separated the characters' body parts onto separate layers.
Then I transferred all layers into After Effects where I animated the characters and added distortion effects as a final touch.

In some cases I illustrated extra elements, for example the pillow and blanket for the Sleepy Bear character. I did this on a Huion drawing monitor in Photoshop.

The best part of this project was to figure out what kind of movement fits each character and then see them come alive.

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