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7 Takeaways on Mindset from the Entrepreneur Experience Conference with Amy Porterfield

Why mindset matters for your entrepreneurial success – My 7 takeaways from the Entrepreneur Experience with Amy Porterfield

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​Two weeks ago I flew to San Diego to attend the Entrepreneurial Experience conference organized by Amy Porterfield. I was prepared for heartwarming inspiration from guest speakers Jasmine Star and Marie Forleo. I was expecting tons of technical tips from Amy  – the queen of online marketing. But I got…

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AndimaginaryPrints - Don't be afraid of change

Weekly inspiration: don’t be afraid of change

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Change… What an interesting word. We often fear its meaning: new situations, new problems to cope with. On the other hand, change brings everything that’s good in life: new relationships, new journeys and success both in our career and family life. One thing is sure: change is everywhere. Good old Mother Nature accepted this…

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Life forming habits

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If you repeat an activity day after day, it becomes a habit. So we really have to be careful about what  we think, say and do as it will define our attitude and capabilities. Of course it’s really hard to be always happy, creative or effective, we all have our…

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