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Look at the latest design trends, tools and learn from some easy to follow tutorials. Even if you’re not a pro, you’ll find helpful tips to create and improve your brand identity.

How to create mockups in Photoshop to present your digital content professionally

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In this post, I’m going to teach you how to create mockups in Photoshop and use them to present your products, brand or artwork. If you already heard about mockups, you can scroll down to watch the video tutorial and grab the 3 free mockups that come with this post. But if you say “mock whaaat?!” then the next few paragraphs…

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What is an animated logo template & how to edit it to match your brand

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You went to watch a movie with your spouse. The theatre is filled with the rich scent of popcorn and the noise of chatting people and arcade games. You find your room and seats, watch all the trailers – and some annoyingly dumb ads – and then it comes. The logo of the movie studio glides into the center of the screen with heroic music…

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7 characteristics of a bad logo – and how to avoid them

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In my previous blog post, I shared 5 money-saving options for obtaining a logo for your new business. It was a good start to show you, that no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you can have a nice logo and visual identity.   However, cheap pre-made logos and logo templates can come with limitations if you don’t purchase them from a trusted…

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10 key elements of a creative brief and why you need it for a successful logo design project

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If you’ve ever worked with a designer or design agency, you might have heard about the “creative brief” document.   Now tell me honestly: did you think that you definitely need that document, or you started questioning your designer. “Is she just trying to overcharge me for something I don’t need?”​ No worries, a creative brief is a legit and important document that you need before every…

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