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By May 1, 2016 Freebies

Happy Mother’s Day for all the awesome moms out there!

Sorry for the long silence. This last two month was all about moving and settling down in Toronto. Actually in Richmond Hill, which is a “small” city north from Toronto… you know, just 200,000 people… it’s just a small town.

But I’m back, and I didn’t come empty handed. Nowadays, I’m working on my Etsy store a lot. I create premade logos, stylesheets for small businesses, prints, cards, wall art for anyone with a little bit of home decorating ambition. These items will be gradually uploaded into my store. And some of the goodies that I created will be given away for free, just for you, dear readers.

Now, let’s turn back to Mother’s Day!

In my home country, Hungary, it’s celebrated today, while here in North America we still have one week to prepare a gift or a surprise brunch for our dear moms. For a long time I was only a daughter, now that I’m a mom too, I appreciate even more how much a good mother (like mine) gives to her children. Waking up early to make breakfast and pack lunch, helping with homework or telling nice bedtime stories may sound easy first. But these mothers do it every day. Not to mention the times when we are sick and they are there, beside our bad with hot tea and lots of hugs…

My little son got a cold so now I’m the one who runs to his bed each time he’s coughing. I’m the one who worries if he eats and drinks enough. And I’m the one who cleans up the house after the biggest house warming party of the year, while warming milk for him, and also entertaining him with an improvised house cleaning song – singing it into my microphone, a wooden spoon.

Motherhood teaches you a whole new level of multitasking. And I have to say, this experience gave me an even bigger appreciation for my mom. Because she did this whole craziness when there wasn’t any dishwasher and microwave… So mom, thank you for all you patience and your love! Happy Mother’s Day! I love you! In Hungarian: “Anya, köszönök mindent, amit értem tettél, a türelmedet, a szeretetedet. Szeretlek és Boldog Anyák napját!”

Mother's Day card by Andimaginary Prints

You can download this printable 5″ x 5″ card from here.

Fonts used: Adelicia Script // HMS Gilbert Slab

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