June Freebies: Printable Bookmarks with an inspiring Neil Gaiman quote

By June 2, 2016 Freebies

I’m back with new freebies! This month it’s something I haven’t thought about although they are super simple and useful: bookmarks!

This June is the month of celebration for me. I just sold my first item on Etsy, got a new, exciting job and the most important: I had my 30th birthday on June 1st. A big milestone that used to freaked me out but not any more. If I look back, I see lot of things I could have done better but I also see lots of good decisions. Over all, I would never give away my experience – even the worst one – for anything. These experiences shaped me and taught me and with their teachings my next 10 years will be the best years of my life.

As for the celebration and gifts, I don’t have big wishes. All I need is a good book, with a comfy chair on the patio and some home made cookies with lemonade. Well-well, it looks I’ve really got older. (*Update: I just got my birthday gift from my hubby, and I think he read my mind: it’s a day pass to the Scandinavian Spa with massage. I can’t wait to be there!)

For a long time, I haven’t read else than blogs and tutorials. And while those are still important part of my daily routine, I decided to get back to reading books again. There’s an awesome library nearby, only 15 minutes walk from our home and it’s totally free! Seriously, I did not need to pay for the registration. And the reason: “Your tax already covers it” – as the kind lady said after sawing the surprised expression on my face. Fun fact: from all the places where we have lived so far, Ontario is the one with the lowest tax and they could still offer great free services like this, or the free healthcare that works much better than in Quebec or Hungary… Oh, well, I know this is boring, who wants to talk about tax and healthcare if we can talk about free prints, eh?

So my recent obsession with books (just borrowed 6 for the next 3 weeks) lead me to the drawing table. Reason: I didn’t have any bookmarks. And why would I use wrinkled receipts or “who-knows-where-I-got-it-from” business cards if I can design my own, inspiring bookmarks?

Free printable bookmarks and wall art made by Andimaginary Prints

Isn’t it much nicer? If you think so, just click on the link to get this printable bookmark. There are 2 versions: One with a Neil Gaiman quote:

[bctt tweet=”A #book is a dream that you hold in your hand – #quote from #NeilGaiman” username=”andimaginary”]

The other version has a handy note section where you can jot down some inspiring quotes from the book you’re currently reading. I also include in the downloadable file the same Neil Gaiman quote as a wall art item in both 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″ sizes. Beside decoration, this can be a perfect gift for any of your bookworm girlfriends.

Used fonts: Carneval // HMS Gilbert

Pattern Design by Lisa Glanz

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