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How to easily customize logo templates in Photoshop – video tutorial

As a designer, I don’t have a problem when I have to open a new type of design app. After a while they all seem similar and I can easily find the features and tools I’m looking for. 

But when it comes to newbies, or business owners who want to buy only one tool, I always recommend Photoshop. It’s cheap ($10/month), good for a lot of things (photo editing, blog post covers, social media graphics and basic animation or 3D work. 

Photoshop can also be used for customizing pre-made logo templates and in this post, I show you how. 

How to customize logo templates in Photoshop

Pre-Made Logo templates

I wrote about pre-made logo templates in one of my previous posts, but here’s a quick recap:  

Pre-made logo templates are design files where a designer has already set up the layout of the logo (all the graphic elements, colors, text) and you just have to swap the text to your business name. You can also change the colors and move things around if you want a more unique end-result. 

The advantages of pre-made logo templates: 

  • They are cheap 
  • There are thousands to choose from 
  • Designers set it up, so usually they look nice 
  • No hassle from your end, customizing them is very easy 

The draw-backs: 

  • They are not as unique as a logo that a designer created just for you 
  • You might need to know Illustrator to be able to edit them 
  • Some designers do a bad job when it comes to organizing their files which makes it harder for you to customize them 
  • It can take a while for you to find the perfect template because there are a lot to choose from (here’s a post on what you should look for and what to avoid when shopping for pre-made logo templates)

How to customize logo templates in Photoshop

I sell pre-made logo and social media templates in my Creative Market shop and all my templates come in Photoshop format, so you don’t need to pay for Illustrator if you don’t want to. 

Besides, I set up all the Photoshop logo templates with shape layers and text layers. Both shape layers and text layers scale up without quality loss (they are vector graphic layers), so you’ll be able to use these logos in any size you need. 

In the video below, I teach you: 

  • How to change the text in pre-made logo templates 

  • How to change the colors, even if you want to apply multiple colors within one layer 

  • How to move, rotate and transform the shape of the logo 

  • How to export your logo for different usage (print, web) 


The logo template you saw in this tutorial is from one of my products. I decided to share it for free so that you can practice the techniques from the video. Just click on the image below to get access to it or if you are on my mailing list, go to the free Brand Builder Library and download it from there. 

Next week, I’m going to show you how to edit animated logos in Photoshop. 

How to customize logo templates in Photoshop

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