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By May 9, 2016 Freebies

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new printable artwork, and lots of ideas for this summer!

It’s still hard to believe that spring is almost over. Here in Ontario, trees barely have their first fresh leaves. Magnolia trees have just began blooming and yesterday was the first day we hit 70ºF. Well… not really a beach weather but at least, we got some hope.

For me, May and June used to mean the first weekends at lake Balaton. For those who might not know, that’s a big, crystal clear lake in Hungary with warm, mediterranean climate. Me and my sister put the homework aside for a little bit and enjoyed the first hot breeze of summer. We run around in the shallow water on the beach, not because we were racing, only because the water was still soooo cold. Then we run – and this time really racing – to the entrance of the beach, just to indulge ourselves with a big bag of Chocolate popcorn… I still remember its sweet smell, as it mixed with cotton candy and the coconutty scent of our sunscreen. And of course the gelato… Our favorite ice cream place with home made gelato was just half way home from the beach. I guess that was the place where we left most of our pocket money, but it was really worth every cent. Luckily we walked and ran a lot, ’cause otherwise we would have gained 2 pounds per weekend for sure.

In the evenings, we were sitting on the terrace of our little weekend house, listening to the calm music of the crickets and playing card games. We had so much fun and despite all the school duties that waited for us on the next Monday, we felt free. Oh sweet, peaceful childhood! I wish every kid has this experience.

This memory inspired me to create a card game for you, dear readers and DIY fellows. It’s so easy to print them at home or in a print shop. Then just cut the cards and you can play right away.

This set is actually a memory card game. I guess most of you know the rules: put the cards face down on the table – or beach blanket, depending on where you are playing – each player picks two cards. If they are the same, she can keep them and she can choose two cards again. If they are not the same, she puts them back where they were and the next player can pick. The one with the most pairs wins. So you can really train your memory muscles with this game. In addition, each card has cute popsicle and ice cream illustrations on the front side. Even if the weather is not cooperative, these little images and bright colors will definitely set your mood for summer.

How to get the best out of this printable freebie?

For best result, use a heavier matte photo paper that lets you print on both sides. I used Staples 61 lb matte photo supreme paper, which is quite cheap. And if you are as lucky as me, you’ll get a second package for free. Print the back sides of the cards first, then load the same paper again (make sure that your printer will print on the empty side) and continue with the front sides of the cards. The cards are nicely lined up so it’s easy to cut them out with X-acto knife. Then finish the rounded corners with scissors. This whole process took about 15 minutes for me with a hyper toddler trying to climb up on my shins. So it’s easy-peasy, just download, print, cut and have fun!

Download and have fun!

Popsicle Free Printable Memory Card Game created by AndimaginaryPrints

Download and have fun!

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